Real Property

Whether you’re buying, selling, or leasing part of the American dream, we are here for you.

It sounds cliche, but never sign any real property agreement unless you talk to a lawyer first.

Real Property
Small changes have major implications. Residential real estate purchase transactions are incredibly risky. You are either buying a house that, for some reason, the current owner does not want, or you are buying from a builder who only cares about profits. On the flip side, residential real estate sales have so many moving parts that your head will spin. In a commercial transaction, the other side almost certainly has a lawyer looking out for its interests. You need similar representation. These deals have different characteristics, but fundamentally, they are all real estate transactions. We help with the following:

You have a limited amount of time to act in real estate matters, so our team must get to work quickly.


Your Burning Questions About Real Estate Law

Most residential real estate transactions include implied or express warranties. A breach of warranty could invalidate the sale. Your options typically include backing out of the transaction or forcing the other party to make things right.

You should definitely partner with a lawyer. You probably saw that one coming. An attorney does a thorough title search. So, you know exactly what you are buying. Frequently, there is something like an easement or adverse possession claim that even the seller does not know about.
Any liens must be satisfied and any claims must be favorably resolved. It’s practically impossible for DIY sellers to do these things. Also, carefully consider your initial asking price and bottom-line sales price.

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