Complex and Catastrophic Personal Injuries

If you walked away from an accident, call someone else. If you or a loved one was carried away from the scene, call me.

Some personal injury lawyers say they’re interested in compensation and justice, but they’re not.

Complex and Catastrophic Personal Injuries
Unless the claim is straightforward and liability is clear, they want no part of the case.
As a rule of thumb, I accept claims that other lawyers reject. I have the resources and passion to take on complex cases which involve vicarious liability, catastrophic spine injuries, and other life-altering issues. Because the damages are so high, most insurance companies fight complex claims to the bitter end. All I can say to that is bring it on.
Our approach to personal injury cases is drastically different than most firms.  Our clients notice this difference in claims like:

If you suffered a catastrophic injury, your life has been turned upside down. Let us help you find your new normal.


FAQs About Catastrophic Injuries

It’s very tempting to do so. Most catastrophic injury victims need their medical bills paid, and they want to move on with their lives. While most insurance companies only care about profits, some adjusters honestly try to do the right thing. In the immediate wake of an accident, it’s impossible to tell if the settlement offer is fair.

Catastrophic injury medical bills could reach millions of dollars. Most health insurance companies do not pay these expenses, for liability reasons. So, I send letters of protection to medical providers. Since these letters guarantee payment when the case is resolved, the providers charge nothing upfront. 

Technically, that’s not a question. But it is a concept that’s heavy on my clients’ minds. Fundamentally, a legal claim does not “blame” anyone. Most out of court settlements do not include admissions of wrongdoing. Instead, negligence actions hold people accountable for the mistakes they make. That’s a basic life lesson that we all teach our children.

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