Land Use Issues

It may be your home or business, but there are usually limitations on what you can do with it.

In a sense, no one “owns” land.

Land Use Issues
All Californians have a say in how California land is used. And in case you haven’t noticed, people are different. They have different political, social, and economic agendas. Without effective advocacy, your voice gets lost in this cacophony of noise, even if your name is on the title.
Think of our legal team as your personal megaphone. Whether the environment is a courtroom, a board room, or a City Council meeting room, we stand up for you in areas like:

Don’t tackle land use issues by yourself. Make sure a dedicated attorney is in your corner.


Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Land Use, But Were Afraid to Ask

Most cities have interactive maps. Alternatively, owners can usually enter their property identification number into a database. But this information is not always current. So, you could do it the easy way and call us. We’ll do the legwork for you.
Requirements vary in different areas. But generally, the answer to this question is “yes… if.” Commonly, home-based businesses must have no outside employees, no signage, and no emissions of noise, glare, or anything else. Special rules usually apply to home day care businesses. So, your daughter’s babysitting service might actually be an illegal home day care.

For unrepresented people, the process is quite simple. You request rezoning, the city says “No,” and the gavel falls. Attorneys know how to use the proper procedure at these meetings to your advantage. Even better, lawyers know how to present your request in the most favorable way.

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