Family Law

California family law is light-years different from the way things were in the 1970s. How do these changes affect your legal and financial rights?

Today’s families face significant emotional and financial challenges.

Family law
Today’s family law provides the tools these families need to overcome these challenges. I make sure the right tools are in the right hands. To fulfill this mission, I provide a wide array of family law services.
I begin each case with a conversation. Once I understand your needs and goals in a certain situation, I recommend a course of action. Then, we move forward together.
This simple and straightforward approach often produces cost effective and long lasting results in areas like:

My clients are not my customers. They are my partners. That relationship makes a difference, especially in family law matters.


Your Questions About Family Law

A few years ago, almost nobody asked this question. But when California lawmakers adopted the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act, everything changed. The UPMAA streamlined rules and procedures. Now, if you have been married before, you should at least consider a prenup.
You just asked a mouthful. Generally, any property acquired before the marriage or by gift is separate property. Most everything else is community property subject to a mandatory 50-50 division. These waters seem clear, but issues like transmutation and commingling muddy them considerably.
Mediation is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution. If both parties work with a mediator in good faith, mediation is usually successful. Collaborative law is gaining popularity. In this litigation alternative, the parties never go inside a courtroom, even for a pretrial hearing.

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