Environmental Disputes

It is no secret that environmental disputes are myriad and of the utmost importance. No matter whether yours are the interests of a business or individual, our experience will make all the difference.

Patience plays a big part in environmental disputes.

Environmental Issues
Patience plays a big part in environmental disputes. Lawyers must meticulously build damage claims and defend against devastating allegations. There are no shortcuts, and our experienced attorneys put in every ounce of work necessary to get the job done. Patience only goes so far. Skill and experience will get you the rest of the way in an increasingly nuanced sector of the law. We are all touched by environmental issues in some way. There is arguably no issue out there today that is of greater importance. Don’t risk your future or the future of your business. You need someone on your side who has done it all and lived to tell the tale. We have done it all, which is on clear display in our environmental law practice areas.

We cannot help correct your issue if we don’t know there is a problem. Tell us all about it, and we’ll review your legal options together.


Your Questions About Environmental Disputes

One reason environmental disputes are so complex is that there is no uniform law on the subject. Lawmakers in Sacramento and Washington routinely change the laws based on the direction of the political wind. Bureaucratic rulemakers do much the same thing. Only a highly experienced attorney can sort through the shifting landscape.

I’m glad you asked. As mentioned, environmental poisoning illnesses often have extremely long latency periods. By the time symptoms appear, the ordinary statute of limitations has long passed. So, many people feel there’s nothing they can do. But that’s normally not true. There may still be a remedy available.

Generally, yes. Out of court settlements benefit everyone, especially victims. Court battles are very expensive, in terms of time and treasure. And the outcome is never certain. Out of court settlements save time and money, and they give victims more control over the outcome. But some companies eschew these benefits and fight environmental law claims tooth and nail.

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